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General Announcement

edipil a posted Jun 26, 13
To see any of the posts on the news feed you will need to be logged into the website.

That is all.

Noxxania Version 1.1 Update

edipil a posted Nov 14, 13
The modpack has been updated to version 1.1. The change log can be viewed on the modpack's technic platform page. No need to worry about any complex update instructions, just pull up the launcher and launch the pack and hit yes when it asks you if you want to update and the launcher will do all the work.

For Your Convenience

edipil a posted Nov 2, 13
At this page is located a full list of the mods in the pack including links to each of their respective websites in order to provide a starting place for you to go looking into how things work for the mods.

Welcome to your new Minecraft server website. Here are some important links to get your started.

Help Wiki
Quick-Start Guide
Setting up Custom Domain
Help Forums
Community Help Channel
Submit Support Ticket

Setup Enjin Minecraft Plugin & Donation Shop

To sync your website and setup your donation shop install the Enjin Minecraft Plugin.

Website Editing Guide

Minecraft Plugin Setup

Enjin Minecraft Overview

Setup Donation Shop

Setup Vote for Diamonds